OutOfMemoryError while running Maven Surefire tests

Imagine you have a project which works perfectly fine and well. All tests pass, each and every time. Then one day you commit a couple of new classes with related tests. Of course you ran all tests before committing, and everything worked just fine. Then, a minute or so later, you get a mail from Hudson (or whatever you’re using for CI) saying that there are test failures. “Maybe I forgot a file”, I thought. Checked the test results on Hudson. About a dozen tests were failing, unrelated to anything I touched. Odd. OutOfMemoryErrors all over the place. Most odd. Hudson’s tomcat has 1G, which should be plenty. Same with each build’s MAVEN_OPTS.

Apparently, someone who wrote the Maven Surefire Plugin thought that it would be a GREAT idea to ignore things like MAVEN_OPTS and other memory settings. The plugin seems to start a new JVM instance to run the tests. Without any of the arguments you so carefully selected. No. Apparently you have to explicitly tell the Surefire plugin that maybe, just maybe, it would be a good idea to use the memory settings you already provided elsewhere.

Anyhoo, this fixed it:


DRY, you say? Not so much, eh.

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